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11slcOT - Theme Song
There was a time
When jaja said that slc won't make it
but we did
but we did

There was a time
When troubles seemed so hard for us to handle
but we did
but we did
We build a convention
You and me
reaching out together
for regional unity!
This is my OT,
this are my facs,
this is my handbook,
this are my tags,
this is my notepad,
this are my friends.
We are slc
slc OT.

We the members of slc
pledge ourselves as one united ot.
regardless of school, gender or committee
to build a convention, you and me
for regional unity
so as to achieve security, human rights and progress for our convention.
We are slc
we are slc
we will strive together for regional unity

ermm navigations are on the right ! (: 11slc forever
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